Downwind SUP

The Maliko 14′

Kathy Shipman - 25 wide Maliko 14A true thoroughbred of the Downwind Boards… at 14′ with a fixed fin, this board finds itself in the most exciting, yet challenging competitive class.

It was during the early days of downwinding out of Maliko Gulch on the north coast of Maui, that Bill Foote’s friend Jeremy Riggs came and asked Bill to make him a 12’6″ exclusive Downwind SUP. At that time there were no other boards of this kind to use for reference, so he brought Bill a prone-paddleboard that he liked as an example. Using modified wave-board rockers they came out with (even by today’s standards) a very fast 12’6″. This particular board is still currently in-use and winning races. Then with the help of CNC technology Bill developed what is now the Mailko 14′.

Jeremy Riggs - Maliko 14 M2O, 2012Design
The Foote MALIKO 14′ DW Board consists of a basic planing hull utilising concaves, vee, and a unique rocker.. allowing this board to plane early and maintain its’ plane (or trim) for long glides, giving the paddler a distinct advantage in his search for the next trough.

A person might do 150 down wind runs in a season, and 3 or 4 out of those 150 runs is a race. If you have a board that fights you for those 150 runs and you always end up feeling like you were the person that was being dragged around by a unruly seeing eye dog.. I think you need to change your equipment. For some reason Bill’s Maliko 14’s are like highly trained seeing eye dogs….  the board allows you to focus on paddling while it does the work of putting you on the right path to the perfect glide.”     Loch Eggers

Consists of light EPS core… laminated with 5.6oz full Carbon plus 4oz F/G cloth top and bottom for extra durability… plus a deck patch of Bamboo veneer and 5.6oz carbon. Reinforced fin box, leash plug, and carry loops for the paddle. Maliko 14’s are finished with ultra high-quality Xtrak Pads that are non-absorbent, light-weight, and super comfortable under-foot! The Maliko 14′ weighs in at around 20lbs.
NB – The Maliko 14′ is a custom hand-crafted product: please allow 6-8 weeks min for production…  place your orders early.!

Bill is constantly refining the Maliko 14′ design and construction features to ensure it remains the fastest downwind board on the market today.

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Jeremy Riggs - 24 wide Maliko 14 David Oakley - 25 1/2 wide Maliko 14

Race Results
Maliko 14′ & 12’6″ Downwind Boards take 1st Division Places in 2012 Hawaiian Races

Molokai to Oahu (M2O) 14′ Stock 2 Man Team
1st Place – Jeremy Riggs & Travis Baptiste

7th Annual Naish Paddle Championships

Travis Baptiste - Maliko 14 M2O, 201214’6″ Division
1st Place 30-45yr, (9th Overall) – Jeremy Riggs
1st Place Female – Kathy Shipman
1st Place 60-99yr – David Oakley

12’6″ Division
1st Place 1-16yrs (6th Overall) – Travis Baptiste

Bill Foote would like to congratulate these Paddlers for their outstanding effort.