Custom Tail-block

Classic Longboard

The classic is a throwback to the ’60’s.. the Golden Age of Surfing.

Design features:

  • low rocker
  • soft rolled bottom
  • tail rocker
  • concave nose

It excels in small waves, with smooth pivot turns and long nose-rides.
Custom stringers are available by special order (T-bans, Balsa, Coloured Foam)


Longboard Progressive Design

Progressive Longboard


This board loves longer more powerful surf for hard bottom

turns and searing off the top.

Key design features:

  • rocker
  • concaves
  • vee

Available as single or triple stringer

Longboard Classic Design

Progressive Longboard

I’ve been surfing a good portion of my life and have ridden many different surfboards.  Six years ago, I was fortunate 

enough to ride a board shaped by Bill Foote.  That board is pure magic, the knowledge that goes into making his boards as well as the quality and craftsmanship are amazing.  Bill Foote can design and create a board to respond to any size wave because of his knowledge and expertise as a surfer himself. I own three Foote boards and have one more in the making.  Thank you, Bill, for the ‘stoke’ you have given me through the quality of your boards!” Ron Erickson

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