Production SUP

Bill_Foote_1-2015_097 Bill_Foote_1-2015_085 Bill_Foote_1-2015_066 Bill_Foote_1-2015_124My Foote Production SUP boards are built in a Asian board factory known for low volume, high quality products. I’ve been doing business with the owner for 20 years. They are a super-tough sandwich construction with exposed carbon fiber on the rails in the tail section. All of my production boards come with five fin boxes, except the 10’0 and the 10’4” Tritons, to give the option of thruster (center fin plus 2 thruster fins), Quad, or quad plus nub (small center fin). The boards come with a set of high-quality Foote fins (one center fin and two thrusters), matched for typical use.

These boards are the culmination of many years of experimenting with SUP design, they are surfed every day by some of the worlds best surfers, both here on Maui and around the world. I have been using my production 10’0″ X 32″ for the last year. It’s the perfect board for my size and I’m delighted with the performance and the durability. I recently wiped this board down with a Magic Eraser and it looked brand new–after a year of tossing it in the back of my pickup.

The paint on these board is hard enough to resist light scratches but resilient enough to resist chipping. Rail strikes that would cause a chip on most boards can be wiped off with a damp microfiber cloth or a magic eraser.  Here’s a shot of Bill Babcock’s 10’4″ X 34″ lifted from the Standup Zone:

Same board after a quick wipe with a damp microfiber cloth:

Our current lineup consists of:

7’8″ X 27″ X 3  5/8″          88 L

8’2″ X 28 1/2″ X 3 3/4″   98.9L

8’6” X 28 3/16” X3.75”    98.9 L

8’10” X 29 3/4″ X 3 3/4″  103L

9’6″ X 28″ X 3 3/8″           116

10’0″ X 32 X 4 1/4″           152L

10’4″ X 34″ X 4 3/8″         175L

The shorter board have swallow tails and are particularly suited for quad fins, though 2+1 thruster is also excellent with these boards.

The larger boards have squash tails to move some buoyancy and stability to the rear for better trimming and good release for heavier surfers.

All the boards have deeply stepped rails and thinned out nose and tail for optimal carving and performance turns.


This is the 7’8” X 27”



This is the 8’10” X 29.75”


All of our production boards are available on Maui and can be shipped anywhere United Airline Freight delivers for a reasonable cost.