Blaster Sailboard from Foote SurfboardsRetro
This board is reminiscent of the early days of windsurfing. It utilizes a wide nose with the wide point forward and a narrow tail. The footsteps and mast step are further forward making this an easy-riding board.

Design features:

  • flat bottom
  • vee tail
  • round pin


BProgressive Sailboard from Foote Surfboardslaster
This board is just flat-out fun to ride. It’s design features make it fast and smooth, and allows it to excel in small choppy surf.

Design features:

  • low tail rocker
  • full vee
  • double concave


Retro Sailboard from Foote SurfboardsProgressive
Extreme wave sailing is what this board is about. Smooth off the top and solid off the bottom: the steeper the better!! Enough said.


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