Composite Sandwich Construction Wave SUP

9’0″ x 31.5″ x 4.25″

Seeing the trend of wave SUP’s going down in size… I decided to also experiment with producing my Custom SUP’s using a light-weight /super-strong construction method. I made this 9’0″ the same way I have been building light and strong sailboards for many years.. via composite or sandwich construction.

Starting with super light low density 1 lb core, I hot wired my rocker to the exact thickness I needed. The board was then templated and the bottom shaped in. A high density PVC skin was vacuum bagged onto the bottom with a layer of 4 oz. cloth. The board then had the rails shaped and another PVC foam skin was vacuumed to the deck with another layer of cloth and a carbon patch in the stance area.. It was then tuned up again in the shaping room to crisp the vee and tune the rail tuck… the resulting super-strong blank was then glassed in normal fashion

This particular board has a red opaque, single 6 oz bottom and a single 6 oz deck lamination. In retrospect… for the next one I will laminate the outside with 4 oz and make it even lighter….

Surfing characteristics of the board were impressive with the lightness and the responsiveness.

I would be interested in getting some feedback on   the value of this technology in the market of Custom Wave SUP’s. The board is on display and available for test-ride and purchase at Foote-Surfboards Maui Retail and Rental outlet … 808 Boards Lahaina, Maui





  1. Paul D. Mitchell says:

    Great looking surfboard. I think someone looking for a durable board that can handle impact would want to go with sandwich const. how thick is the sheet foam and does it wrap the rails. Just to compare price a carbon starboard in that size would go for $2400 +. At 16lbs you are right in the ballpark with them. Thanks.