The evolution of The Maliko 14′ Downwind SUP… Intro

The Maliko 14′ Downwind SUP  is undoubtedly one of the fastest downwind boards on the market today.

The sleek lines and custom finish of The Maliko 14′ are two prominent features that set this board apart from its’ many mass-produced competitors.  This high-performance Downwind SUP is designed and ‘hand-crafted’ on Maui, by a team of innovative and progressive board-builders that is headed by renowned Hawaiian surfboard shaper and designer.. Bill Foote

Since the Maliko 14’s conception circa 2008.. (the early days of pioneering SUP Downwinding from Maliko Gulch, Maui) this characteristic board has somewhat morphed in its’ design, and has to-date been produced in 2 styles – Series 1 and Series 2.

At Foote-Surfboards we are currently producing a hybrid of these two designs and would like to share the following posts outlining some of the history and continuing development of the Maliko 14’…

We invite you to participate by sending in any questions you have regarding DW Board design features… or any comments or queries that might help you determine what is the best DW board for you?
With Aloha… Bill Foote

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Maliko 14′ – Series 1 – Jeremy Riggs, M2O 2012











Maliko 14′ – Series 2 – Kathy Shipman, Maliko Run 2012










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