The evolution of The Maliko 14′ Downwind SUP… Series 2

Maliko 14′ – Series 2


Bill Foote.. cont’d from Series 1

The Maliko 14′ Series 2 design evolved to cater for the increasing competitive downwind racing market. The Series 2 enables a narrower board without compromising stability.. ie making a faster board more user-friendly.

Maliko 14′ – Series 2 – Kathy Shipman

For this design I moved the wide point back, giving the template a more paralell outline, and widened the tail at 12″. I also boxed-out the rails… allowing more stability for a narrower board. A vee along with volume was added in the nose on the deck to help shed water and to pull the nose up out of a pearl while working in conjunction with the concave bottom pushing up. I have however kept the same rocker and bottom shape… as this is where the Maliko 14’s intrinsic high-performance comes from.”


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  1. Hi Bill &Barb,trying to do the M2O next July in a team and will need a board of course .I hope are both well.Regards Rob.