Who’s Riding

Alexander Outerbridge
Alexander Outerbridge on a Foote Surfboard“BILL FOOTE  has been a major part of my surfing life for almost fifty years.  For me, Bill Foote’s boards are simply the best. For four decades, I’ve ridden Bill’s surf boards , sailboards and now SUP’s. His equipment has always been fun and easy to ride, offering the rider the highest performance possible in any session. The further you push your limits, the further his boards accommodate your progression. I have never been challenged or held back on any board I have owned or ridden, shaped  by Bill…..Conversely his boards have always elevated my level of surfing or sailing, well beyond my expectations. His boards have exceeded all parameters of performance, durability and workmanship. My personal historical national and international results have absolutely proven this. Foote Maui boards are and always have been a step ahead of the rest. Step onto a Foote board and you will never step back, you will only progress further forward ! My Foote surfboards /sailboards SUP’s have provided an ocean life, full of pure fun and inspiration spanning almost a lifetime. His product deserves recognition and success. Now these days, at age sixty five, every session on my Foote SUP just gets better and better and my enjoyment and smile just get bigger and bigger. After all isn’t that what it’s all about……. Pura Vida.”
( www.surfpavones.com/SeaKingsShop.htm )( www.yogapavones.com/About.htm )Alex teaches and practices Shotokan Karate, but most of all he is a passionate surfer.. and in 2002 opened “Seakings,” the first surf shop in Pavones, Costa Rica.

Britt Simon on a Foote Surfboard Britt Simon
“…we started to SUP here on the east coast /VA Bch spring of 2008 on one of Bill’s  11’28 prodution boards and quickly advanced to a custom shape in the mid 9’ range. Much respect for Bill’s craftmanship and design and have really enjoyed surfing the boards he has made for me , thanks for the support. Mahalo, Bill Foote!”

Vonya & Aaron Stice
“Bill Foote is such a great guy and does amazing work!  I love, love, love my board!  It is definitely a Cadillac version of stand up boards and I am honored to own a “Bill Foote”.  My husband Aaron also has a Bill Foote longboard and loves it.  The Stice Ohana is truly blessed to own a large quiver of Bill Foote boards!
Rena, Laura, and Vonya on Foote SurfboardsWe wish Bill the best!  Thank you again!”

Laura Stice
“The designs of the boards were made specifically for each of us to match our size,  experience and need level, Bill spoke with each of us individually to be sure our wants and needs were specifically fulfilled.  For me – I just wanted something supper steady because I am pretty timid out on that big blue ocean – I feel very safe on my board! Bill had arranged for  Nano to customize the decorative design and he as well asked for input from each of us.  We each spoke with him giving ideas, theme and colors – and OH MY we were all astounded with the results!

“We also each have a puka in the tail of our boards so that we can lock them to the truck, a nice extra feature”

Rena Byer
“Bill did an amazing job designing my paddleboard. She is perfect for me. I am enjoying the ease of her size, weight, and especially how beautiful the board is shaped and the detail of the artwork. Bill was an absolute pleasure to work with. He listened to every detail of mine and completed a board that far surpassed my wildest imagination. I keep my mermaid in my living room when she is not out on the water, I am proud to display her as a fine piece of art.

“Much aloha, Rena”

Ron Erikson on a Foote Surfboard Ron Erickson
“I’ve been surfing a good portion of my life and have ridden many different surfboards.  Six years ago, I was fortunate enough to ride a board shaped by Bill Foote.  That board is pure magic, the knowledge that goes into making his boards as well as the quality and craftsmanship  are amazing.  Bill Foote can design and create a board to respond to any size wave because of his knowledge and expertise as a surfer himself.  I own three Foote boards and have one more in the making.  Thank you, Bill, for the ‘stoke’ you have given me through the quality of your boards!”

Brewster Jennings' kids with his Foote SailboardBrewster Jennings
“I was out in Maui decades ago and saw this hot looking board at Hi-Tech and after sailing it, signed up for one. Bill shaped an 8’6” Blaster for me 20+ years ago which I still have. I was worried I might eventually break it being my hi wind board (50+mph winds) and it’s my FAV board. I called Hi-Tech and tracked down Bill through them which I attribute to complete LUCK but after a few calls and emails, I was face to face with Bill on Skype at which point he pointed out his initials on my board. It was like I stuck my finger in a light socket when I realized that I was looking at & talking to the individual that had given me years of the best memories of my life.
“Needless to say, I signed him up to make me another but this new one is epoxy. I have only sailed it once but it’s an absolute dream. I was lapping people on the water and everyone came up to me afterwards to remark on how fast I was going. This was only in a fairly flat water environment but just getting a sense of how it jibes, it’s going to be invincible in the waves. There are so many aspects to this board: the approach speed you can have hitting a wave for stratosphere air, stability on the water with how it sticks to the surface without spinout, added rocker in the nose so coming into small chop allows the nose to ride up and over, buttery smooth turnability and those are just to name a few!!!
I can’t wait to test it against the former (glass) version but I was having so much fun on it the other day, I didn’t want to get off of it. I’ll get back to you when I do.
“Feel free to use that photo of my kids standing next to the board. They’ll be psyched to know they’re on your site. Cheers to you and thanks again for many more years of fun ahead!!!”

Jeremy and Tracy Stice with their Foote Surfboards Jeremy Stice
“The first time that I rode one of Bill’s boards was when my dad let me get on his beast of a longboard that was well designed for him as a rather large bread of surfer but a little difficult to maneuver as a scrawny 17 year old. My dad got me a purple 9′ longboard nicknamed the Eggplant that I loved riding for many years.  Most recently, I have been doing SUP for about the last 3 years and I am totally addicted to it. After getting frustrated with my first two boards, I decided to follow my dad’s advice and give Bill a call. Bill was nice enough to stoke me out by letting me ride one of his 9’8″ production boards that I took to 3 ft. S-Turns on Maui’s upper west side and I was instantly and absolutely sold. The board is perfect for anything from ankle biters at Launiopoko to solid 6 ft. surf at Kanaha and Lanes. My fiancé expressed interest in learning SUP so we picked up another of Bill’s boards very similar to mine. Bill’s boards are very stable and well shaped yet certainly provide ample performance standards for those who seek it out. I am looking forward to my next Bill Foote SUP board to add to my quiver, likely a downwind board and probably a high performance long board so I can start surfing Honolua again. Mahalo Bill!”
( stice.hawaiilife.com/about/ )We’re a father-son team of Jeremy and Tracy Stice, long time Kama’aina and Realtors specialising in Maui Real Estate and living the Maui Life.

Beatrice Wurthrich
Beatrice Wurthrich on a Foote Surfboard“When I first came to Hawaii for a language course about 10 years ago, my homestay family took me out surfing for the first time. Since then I’m hooked and got close to the sea and the polynesian culture. At this time my focus was on windsurfing but whenever I’ve got the chance to borrow a board I paddled out. After my return home to Switzerland I was lost – no waves, no ocean,…. and worked hard to get back to Maui. Going back and forth couple times, I always got to borrow some Longboards for a bit of surfing if there was no wind for windsurfing.
“I had a lot of fun on those planks until I met Bill one day on the water…and Bill Foote himself inspired me!
It turned out that he shaped me my first ever own Longboard 9” for my next Maui adventure.
Wow, my magic board – never thought a board could make such a big difference (especially for a swiss greenhorn like me) but it does! Always thought I’m riding the wave not the board ,now I still think the same but learned: it’s about the board how you ride the wave
“This days I even miss some good windsurfdays for some rides with my magic Foote board – STOKED!
I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know Bill. He is such a passionate and inspiring person who loves what he does.
“Either on the water or to talk story… it’s always a pleasure – thank you, Bill Foote.”

( www.kahiola.com ) Kahiola in Hawaiian means “flowing movement for well-being.” Bea will help you find your own Kahiola.

Loch Eggers
“A person might do 150 down wind runs in a season and 3 or 4 out of those 150 runs is a race. If you have a board that fights you for those 150 runs and you always end up feeling like you were the person that was being dragged around by a unruly seeing eye dog.. I think you need to change equipment.

For some reason Bill’s Maliko 14′s are like highly trained seeing eye dogs….  the board allows you to focus on paddling while it does the work of putting you on the right path to the perfect glide.”

See Loch and the Maliko 14′ in Get Up SUP Mag – hope your French is up to date 🙂


Rick Romano on a Foote Surfboard Rick Romano
“Foote Maui surfboards – whether SUP, longboard, shortboard, or sailboard are the type of equipment you simply hold onto and never sell. They provide years of durability and pure happiness in the water. I bond with my surfboards especially since each one is handcrafted by Bill’s hand. It’s like buying an original painting from an artist. You want to savor the beauty and joy his artwork gives you for years. You start to look forward to the next work of art from Bill as he always out-does himself with each new shape.”
( www.rickromano.com ) Rick Romano is a Virginia Beach artist who has made a living drawing and painting in the saltwater environment he’s grown up with. An avid windsurfer and surfer for over twenty years, Rick is forever inspired by the timeless beauty and power of the sea