The talented Philippine basketball player decided to skip NCAA to join G League

G League is showing its ambition to compete with NCAA in attracting young talents by offering very attractive remuneration policies. Recently they have just continued to attract one more remarkable talent, young Filipino star Kai Sotto.

According to the reporter Shams Charania from ‘The Athletic’, Sotto will join the newly formed G League team called ‘Select Team’ to compete in the upcoming season.

This is a team created for young talents who do not want to play in the NCAA but want to try in the G League before participating in the NBA Draft. Joining ‘Select Team’, Sotto will be working closely with other talented talents of young players of 2020 such as Jalen Green, Isaiah Todd or Daishen Nix.

Sotto just turned 18 this Monday. He is considered to be a bright talent among young players of 2020. The young basketball player has just moved to the US to live and study since April 2019.

Sotto is determined to become the first pure Filipino player to play in the NBA

Sotto has just turned 18 but he is 2m18 tall and weighs 95kg. With the impressive height mentioned above, Sotto’s head position is the center position. This player is considered to be the basketball prodigy of the Philippines. He receives a lot of expectations from the country’s basketball community. Sotto is a talented player and is compared to the Kristaps Porzingis star of Dallas Mavericks.

G League attracts many talented young talents because the remuneration policies of this tournament are very attractive. According to ESPN, G League is willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for young players. Young talents who are appreciated can receive up to $ 500 thousand for a G League season.

In recent years, many young talents have chosen to go abroad. They think that NCAA is not a good environment for them to prepare for joining the NBA in the future. Two bright candidates for the 2020 Draft, LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton last season, also decided to skip NCAA to compete abroad before returning to the US to participate in the Draft.