M2O’s young Hero… Travis Baptiste!

The Foote-Maliko 14′ Series 2 just took out an amazing 7th PLACE Overall in the M2O, and won STOCK Division.

Congratulations to Maui’s 16yr old Travis Baptiste for his outstanding results in the M2O. Travis took out 1st Place in the 14′ Stock Division, and an incredible 7th Place Overall. Out of the huge line-up of heavy-weight Unlimited boards only 5 of them came in ahead of Travis on the Foote-Maliko 14′. The other board was a prone paddleboard.

Travis was riding the Series 2 – 25″w Foote-Maliko 14′. His account of the race was that it was very slow conditions most of the way, with the last leg being extremely difficult. Travis’s race time was 5hr 22mins 59secs. Many long-time competitors are saying it was one of the toughest M2O’s due to the poor conditions presented by the encroaching Tropical Storm Flossie. Travis attributed his win to the outstanding design features of this board which lightened the load for the gruelling channel race. The board Travis was riding weighs in under 20lbs.

The Foote-Maliko 14′ Series 2 design evolved to cater for the increasing competitive downwind racing market. The Series 2 enables you to ride a narrower/faster board without compromising stability. This gives you an easier, faster and more enjoyable ride with less fatigue!

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Proud Bill and Travis with the Trophy!


Foote-Maliko 14′ & 12’6″ Downwind Boards take 1st Division Places in 2013 Hawaiian Races

Molokai to Oahu (M2O) 14′ Stock Division
1st PLACE – Travis Baptiste …. Foote-Maliko 14′ Series 2

MAUI Paddle Championships
14’  SUP Women
1st PLACE – Kathy Shipman …. Foote-Maliko 14′ Series 3
12’6″ SUP Men
1st PLACE – Travis Baptiste  (8th Overall & 5mins behind 1st Unlimited Board) …… Foote-Maliko 12’6″

14′ SUP Women
1st PLACE – Kathy Shipman …. Foote-Maliko 14′ Series 3

14′ SUP Men
1st PLACE – Travis Baptiste (3rd Overall) …. Foote-Maliko 14′ Series 1
14′ SUP Women
2nd PLACE – Kathy Shipman …. Foote-Maliko 14′ Series 3

Bill Foote would like to congratulate Travis and Kathy for their outstanding effort.