College Basketball

College basketball in America is where it all begins for most basketball players. Most dreams are realized from the sweat and hard work put on the court. Some of the most iconic players were discovered whilst playing college basketball.

College basketball is fun because most players play because of the love for the game, school spirit, and self-improvement. Money is not involved, so it does not corrupt the minds of the young players.

Thousands of fans from the community, alumni as well as parents fill up the basketball courts and show their love and support for their teams. College basketball might not be as famous as the NBA, but it does pull a large crowd and gather a lot of media attention.

The Teams

There are a lot of teams involved in college basketball. It would be a nightmare to get a schedule that fits well with all the teams in terms of time as well as travel arrangements. The teams are, therefore, divided into conferences to make grouping simpler. These conferences are selected based on location. The teams from a specific conference play-off against each other and are ranked according to their performance.

These teams are also ranked overall against other teams from other conferences. This cross-comparison is designed to ensure that each team is rewarded accordingly. It also informs the teams themselves as well as fans about their standing in the sport. The rankings are not just based on the team’s overall performance but also covers individual player statistics. These stats help scouts keep track of certain players as well as “new kids on the block” who are worth keeping an eye out for and possibly a scholarship offer.

In the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), there are 354 schools, which are drafted into a total of 32 conferences.