Division 3

Division 3 is the third and final division that the NCAA has. This division is much bigger than Division 2 as it has more registered institutions as well as conferences. Just like Division 1 and Division 2, which have tournaments (March Madness and The Tournament respectively), Division 3 has its own tournament held in spring. This tournament, which features some of the best institutions to determine the division champion, is called “The Championship.”

For the longest time, the Championship was held at Salem Civic Centre in Salem. This event has since moved around a bit, having taken place in Fort Wayne and The State Farm Arena in Atlanta. At least 64 teams take part in the event, which is fashioned as a single-elimination tournament. The Championship moves around from one venue to another when it reaches different knockout stages.

Around 80% of Division 3 institutions are private, and 20% are public institutions. The colleges have an average of about 35,000 registered students. It is stated that around 40% of the athletes registered with the NCAA come from this division.

The Rules and Requirements

Just like the first and second divisions, this one too has its own set of rules and requirements. When it comes to sponsorships, the division is obligated to offer sponsorships to at least five sports for men and the same number for women.

The sports in Division 3 do not generate revenue, and the athletes do not receive any form of remuneration from their participation. It is considered as part of their extra-curricular activities required by the school. Division 3 is rigorous in its rules, especially when it comes to sponsorships. Anyone caught violating the regulations gets handed a “death penalty.” This penalty means that the school will be banned from any sporting activities for a year.