The Best Teams From the 2019 – 2020 Season

The AP Poll (Associated Press Poll) in the NCAA basketball league provides statistics and rankings of teams in division 1. These polls rank the top 25 teams from across all 32 conferences in the country. This list therefore contains the A list or “creme de la creme” of college basketball. It is a tremendous honor and achievement for a college to be part of this list, given that there are over 300 other colleges from the league to choose from.

These rankings, which are made on a weekly basis, are compiled by at least 65 sports pundits and sportswriters. Since the number of people involved in compiling this list is a lot, this points out to the trustworthiness and correctness of this list. It is hard for a group of people to agree on anything, especially if the topic is a sport. Seeing a list that is endorsed by so many people speaks for its authenticity.

Leading Division 1 Basketball Teams

The following teams were leading teams in the just-ended season. Since the top of the list up until the third sport has been discussed at great length, we are going to talk about some of the teams that did not make it to the top but showed great promise this season.

  • Florida State.

Florida State climbed three positions up the ladder to go to the 4th position. They ended the season with 1385 points. Such heart and spirit to always strive to better themselves is why they were one of the leading teams during this season. They were behind the 3rd spot team (Dayton), which had 1507. Despite the gap being considerably large, Florida would have pulled some miracles given their current form.

  • Baylor.

Despite its dropping in rankings, this team was considered to be one of the top contenders of this season.