Leaders of the Pack

The NCAA Division 1 basketball league is always filled with lots of blood rushing action, exciting news, and genuine shockers for fans. The teams from the various conferences battle it out to try and prove that they are as great as the statistics and people say. March Madness is one such tournament that takes place each spring. A few selected teams get to showcase their skills in the knockout games till only two teams are left to fight for the top position. This year’s March Madness has unfortunately been canceled due to the widespread threat of the COVID-19 virus that has put a damper on most events, including sporting tournaments. Hopefully, the outbreak can be controlled soon so that people can get back to the nonstop action.

Leading Teams So Far

As it stands, these are the leading NCAA men’s division 1 leaders of Top 25 And 1.

  • Kansas. This team has finished at the top of the log, having 17-1 in the conference and 28-3 overall. They were assisted to this lead by the following gentleman: Udoka Azubuike, Silvio De Sousa, Devon Dotson, Isaiah Moss, Tristan Enaruna, and David McCormack.
  • Gonzaga finished a cool second in the shortened season. They also had an impressive season. One of their stars, Filip Petrusev, helped to secure this position from his individual performance that saw him averaging about 17.5 points and 7.9 rebounds per match. We hope to see more of this excellent performance shortly.
  • Dayton finished in third place. Perhaps lady luck would have been in their favor, and they could have ended up in a better position if the league had been continued. This team also had a terrific run and was worth watching. Their star Obi Toppin averaged a cool 20.0 points per game as well as 7.5 rebounds.