College Basketball and the NCAA

College basketball is very exciting and raw. All the players playing ball have big dreams of getting a scholarship to cover tuition fees, while others push hard intending to go pro and join their legends on the court. While some simply want to have fun on the court and get a bit of recognition, others actually picture themselves rubbing shoulders with the greats in the NBA and becoming the best rookie in their debut season. The articles to follow will cover a lot of fun and exciting aspects of college basketball, academic requirements, the Divisions and Conferences as well as the leading teams in NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association.


The NCAA has three divisions for both men’s and women’s basketball. The first division, called Division 1, is where most of the action is. Most of the top tier colleges are found here as well as some of the brightest and most talented young ladies and gentlemen. This Division also has a lot of Conferences.

Division 2 and Division 3 have smaller institutions, and the teams are not as strong and powerful as the first division. Division 2 has way fewer conferences than Division 3, which has almost twice the number of conferences.

NCAA Requirements

Just like any association, the NCAA has strict requirements that they have. These rules and requirements are severe to create order in college basketball as well as to protect the players. Many academic requirements need to be met by players for them to be allowed to continue to play in the league.