NCAA Basketball Teams

The NCAA has a lot of basketball teams that are registered. It is reported that 354 colleges take part in Division 1 basketball matches. From those 354 colleges, they are divided into 32 divisions that are not based on rankings and size of the school but determined based on the location. Each one of the 32 divisions has some stiff competition, and no position is guaranteed. Each and every college strives to do better than the next one and also tries to break its own records and perform better than the previous season.

Due to the multitude of the colleges involved each season, it is important to keep track of the winners, the most improved as well as those on the decline. The teams are ranked in their respective conferences each year. The division also has a top 25 list to determine which teams have been performing well across the country. This list is based on all the conference statistics, and rankings, as well as other matches, played against other teams from other conferences.

Division 1 Leading Teams

Kansas and Gonzaga won the 2019-2020 season coming first and second, respectively. There is no doubt that they deserve to be in those positions even though the season got shortened. There are a few more teams worth mentioning that performed really well throughout the season.

  • Dayton, also called the Flyers, finished 3rd in this season. They performed really well in the Atlantic Conference, finishing 18-0 in the Atlantic 10 Conference. Their star Obi Toppin had some pretty impressive statistics. His scoring rate of 20.0 was one of the highest this season, and his rebound rate of 7.5 was also very high.

Baylor, which came 4th, had an exciting season too. They had a record of 23 straight wins in the Big 12.