College Basketball Divisions

With March Madness coming up, the hype around college basketball has probably swept over the land. Lots of people might be following this tournament that sees some of the top colleges battle it out to secure the top position and the bragging rights. For those that have been hearing about this as well as college basketball in general, this crash course is just what you need. We will discuss how the multitude of teams are grouped up and how it all works. The NCAA has 3 Divisions based on performance, rankings, and so forth. These Divisions are Division 1, 2, and 3.

The Divisions

  • Division 1.

Division 1 is where all the topflight colleges are. This is where the action happens, and the hype and love for the game comes from. This division pulls a large following from the respective communities as well as fans from across the country. Every year in spring, around 64 colleges take part in a prestigious tournament called March Madness.

  • Division 2.

This Division is much smaller than the first one that has some of the biggest colleges in the country. Despite it being a bit smaller in terms of the number of Conferences it has as well as registered colleges that form part of it, it also has some great colleges as well as promising athletes. Basketball players in this Division tend to work hard to get noticed and to get their names buzzing in the papers and on social media. Most attention is on Division 1, so they have to impress for scouts as well as the whole country to take notice.

  • Division 3.

This is the last Division that the NCAA has. Surprisingly, this Division has more Conferences than Division 2. Division 3 is mostly made up of small colleges as well as private institutions.