Facts About the NCAA

Each and every sport has some interesting facts that are worth exploring. There are even myths and legends passed down by movies and series. The facts, however true or false, are the reason why a lot of students push hard to become athletes in the United States. For some, these far-fetched stories come true while others turn into statistics.

Interesting Facts

  • Most athletes who get into college basketball aspire to be the next Michael Jordan, Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. For some, this dream might be realized due to their hard work, tenacity as well as talent. For others, college basketball is the highest level they will get up to, and going pro might not happen. The stats point out to the fact that one in 25 will have a shot at going pro.
  • Movies always make it seem like full-ride scholarships are floating around and anyone can get them. The truth is, college basketball scholarships, just like any other scholarships, are there, but not everyone will be eligible to get them. A lot of hard work and sacrifice has to be put into the craft both on and off the court. Those that receive scholarships from their institutions have to work hard on the court and in the classroom continually, and their performance is reviewed annually to determine whether the scholarship must be extended or revoked.
  • Only Division 1 and 2 are allowed to give scholarships to excelling athletes. Interestingly in Division 3, an athlete might be able to get more funding in this division. A lot of the Division 3 colleges are small and private institutions. They often award merit awards for athletes who perform well.
  • The NCAA is also interested in the academic well-being of its athletes and so it has academic requirements that have to be met by all athletes.