College Basketball

College basketball has quite a few talented players who have a lot to offer. They work tirelessly in the gym and on the court to make sure that they perfect their trade. They play friendly games out of school with other random people to test their skills with others to see how they have improved.

Most players worth mentioning are from division 1. This is because this division covers a lot of colleges, 354 schools, to be exact. There are a lot of big schools that have state of the art equipment, some of the best coaches and great players who are on scholarships. All these things combined cause the competition to be stiff and for athletes to pull up their socks. When the athletes feel like their jerseys are on the line, they tend to want to impress the fans and the coach and to prove why they still deserve to be in the starting line-up. This makes matches fun and competitive.

Exceptional Players From Different Teams

  • Assists.

Part of a player’s role in basketball is to assist teammates by creating the right conditions for them to score points. A player has to be well rounded and be able to not just score but be able to pass to others and assist them in scoring more points for the team. The more assists one has (if they are blocked or can’t make the basket with the angle or position they are in), the better it is for the team as well as their individual stats.

One of the 2019 – 2020 leaders in assists was none other than M. Johnson of NC State Wolfpack, who had an average of 7.3. He is followed by D. Ringo and C. Winston, who are tied at 6.9 assists each. Other notable players are J. Elmore and N. Weller-Babb, who are also tied at 6.8 assists each.