College Basketball

College basketball has always been about the skills, dribbles, dunks, blocks, and at the end of the day, bragging rights. Colleges from across the country strive to prove how they are worthy of the applause through their performances in college basketball. Most colleges have rivalries that date back to the establishment of the institutions.

The Rivalries

Whenever the bitter rivals meet, the streets are always packed, packing lots overflowing with cars, college jerseys are worn all week to show support, and most importantly, the courts filled to the brim. The registered students of the home team make sure they come out in their numbers to show their support. There is nothing like a home crowd silencing the opposition and cheering on the players as they show their skills on the court.

Some members of the community, alumni, or people with a special connection to the institution, also make an effort to show their love by attending college basketball games. Notably, the alumni who played for the college team back it the days fuel the rivalry. They encourage present team members to better the records that they left behind. It is such fire, enthusiasm, and support that make the games worth watching. Even while watching at home, one can sense the love and the electrifying atmosphere in the building.

These rivalries make teams such as Kansas and Kansas State play their hearts out when facing each other. This is the same reason why you will always be seated at the edge of your seat while watching special games such as North Carolina vs. Duke or Cincinnati vs. Xavier.

Most supporters, as well as alumni, anticipate the meeting of a rival school. With this energy behind them, players train even harder to improve their odds. Cheerleaders, on the other hand, practice harder too to show off new moves bring out the school spirit.