The evolution of The Maliko 14′ Downwind SUP… 2013 new design



Bill Foote.. cont’d from Series 2

“Recently I have had interest in a Series 1 – Maliko 14′,  but with the inclusion of a few more competitive design features.




I am now in the process of making my rider, Kathy Shipman, a hybrid design that crosses features of the Series 1 & 2… an exciting new design for 2013. We have gone back to the widepoint being forward, pulled tail, thinner rails and added vee and volume to the nose on the deck. As with the Series 1 & 2 Maliko 14′ the same rocker and bottom shape was maintained.

We’re looking forward getting this new high-performance design on the water soon.

Please feel free to post your questions and comments with regards how we can help you to get the most out of your DW SUP experience with a Maliko 14′. Stay tuned to our Blog for more updates.”


More specs on the Maliko 14′