How difficult is it to play in the world’s most famous basketball tournament? (Part 2)

One important factor that makes every player want to play in the NBA is their enormous income. According to Basketball-Reference, the average salary of players in the NBA is nearly 7 million USD/year. The NBA is also the highest-paying sports tournament in the world.

Besides, players can make more money if they reach the start of the tournament. They can receive millions of dollars in contracts from famous shoe companies or become the faces of brands.

Stephen Curry is the highest-paid player in the NBA with more than $ 40 million a year

Most importantly, the NBA is a gathering place for the best basketball players in the world. The best players in basketball backgrounds outside of the US have all been playing in the NBA. The above factors make the NBA into a basketball paradise. Money, fame, and playing with the best is something every player aspires to touch.

Extremely high fighting rate

Every year, tens of thousands of basketball players around the world practice and compete with the hope of catching the eye of NBA scouts.

Usually, the high school basketball team in the US is divided into 3 levels. The players have to compete fiercely to take a place in the main squad. Next, the players must be the main stars to hope to receive a scholarship or join the teams in the NCAA Division 1 (the most prestigious student basketball tournament in America).

The NCAA is a gathering place for the best players while playing at the high school level and that number is 4200. Besides, young talent in the NCAA also faces competition from thousands of professional basketball players playing outside the US.

The NBA is the most exciting basketball tournament in the world. The players must compete fiercely and impress the most to be chosen by one of the 30 NBA teams.

Why is the number 69 banned in the NBA?

The number 69 never appeared on the backs of any player in the history of the American Professional Basketball (NBA) Championship.

The strength of a player weighing 147 kg, scoring more than 28,000 points in NBA Shaq O’Neal was the most annoying striker in the NBA basketball tournament at his peak. He used the strength of his weight of 147 kg to squeeze and perform basketball drills.