NBA: NBA and NCAA will work together to reschedule the new season

Under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s NBA season has been postponed. This may cause the NBA Draft 2020 to take place later than every year and affect the NCAA season next year. Faced with this, the NCAA management wants to coordinate with the NBA board to reschedule the following season.

Dan Gavitt, NCAA basketball vice president, recently said that the league management is looking to coordinate with the NBA management to make adjustments to the schedule for the 2020/2021 season when the NBA is in postponed because of a pandemic.

According to some sources, the key milestone that the NCAA will have to change next season is the June 3 mark – the deadline that players who have signed up for the NBA Draft 2020 must withdraw from this Draft. if you still want to play in NCAA in the 2020/2021 season. With this year’s NBA season being postponed the possibility of the 2020 Draft will also have to take place later and this will affect the NCAA season next year.

Usually in the previous Draft, candidates registered to participate will have a session to measure your body index as well as movement index. They will then be able to visit teams that are interested in them and even have some practice sessions there.

The information gathered in the above activities can be used by candidates to determine whether they should continue to attend the Draft or will return to the university to strive for more.

Efforts to continue the season

According to journalist Jonathan Givony of ESPN, the NBA’s management is currently trying hard to find a way to continue this season and they have not thought of the 2020 Draft. If this year’s NBA season is canceled, the amount of damage the NBA has to pay could be as much as US $ 1.4 billion and league leaders are still under great pressure to save the season.

The 2020 Draft will have to be later than every year, which will also cause difficulties for NCAA teams when they will not be able to close the team early to prepare the best for the new season. Unlike the NBA, this year’s NCAA season has been canceled. However, under the impact of NBA, it is likely that the next NCAA season will have to take place later. Usually the NCAA season will start in early November.