The return of an NCCA basketball player after a horrific accident (Part 1)

From a potential high school player, but the traffic accident has made Josh Speidel lose everything. However, thanks to basketball, the NCAA player still fulfilled his dream in life and became a widespread inspiration.

On the evening of March 3 (US time), a very meaningful thing was done in the match between two teams Vermont Catamounts and Albany Great Danes of the American University Basketball League.

Josh Speidel and the touching story when fulfilling the dreams of his life

The main character of this story is Josh Speidel, a senior student at the University of Vermont. He is one of the “special” members of the school basketball team. Five years ago, Josh Speidel suffered a brain injury in a car accident. At the time, Josh was a senior in high school and had enrolled and joined Vermont’s soccer team.

Spend time struggling with illnesses and learning from the basics just for babies. Josh Speidel was able to return to university and participate in all the team matches, even on the bench. Josh Speidel is always there, accompanying and giving great spiritual support to his teammates.

In the match for the final year students on the evening of March 3, Josh Speidel was participating in a real match for the first time. The image of this guy in a 32-shirt and walking out of the stadium has received a warm response from the audience present at the stadium.

Reportedly, the day before, the school’s home page announced the debut of Josh Speidel, which made the number of people watching the game surprisingly crowded. The match took place with an arrangement between the two teams. This helped Josh Speidel on the basket and get the first score in his college player career.

Immediately after Josh Speidel made a successful basketball, the entire audience in the stadium stood up and gave huge applause to cheer him. The two team players as well as the coaches also gave hugs and greetings for this energetic player.