The Mystery of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament 2020 (Part 2)

Florida State Workshop

The team ranked fourth and possibly a seeded Seminoles is another team that will be very dangerous when it comes to the tournament. The State of Florida finished the season as the ACC’s regular-season champion and was loved to win the ACC tournament. Like most other years, the state of Florida is a force on the defensive side of the ball.

According to KenPom, the Seminoles ranked 15th in terms of defensive effectiveness were adjusted. Part of this is due to the length of the state of Florida. The Seminoles are the highest team in Team One.

Along with its great size and depth, the State of Florida also has two backcourt players that could lead them to this title. Devin Vassell and Trent Forrest would cause problems for the opposing teams, and most likely secured a title for the Seminoles.

Wildcats Kentucky

Wildcats are usually a viable option to win it every year, and this season won’t be any different. Kentucky ranked 8th in the final rankings for the college basketball season, and good reason. They have just won the SEC’s regular-season title, and are also favored for the posterity title.

Kentucky ranked 8th in the final rankings for the college basketball season

According to KenPom, The Wildcats are in the top 30 of the adjusted efficiency range. The main reason Kentucky was able to end March Madness as a champion, was because of their talent.

The four Wildcats could easily be selected in the upcoming NBA draft, most notably Tyrese Maxey. Maxey is a basketball star that is top pick of the ten picks, and averaged 14 points and 3 assists per game as a freshman last season. Maxey shows he can be a matching problem with good teams. He scored 26 goals against Michigan and 27 against Louisville at the start of the season. If that trend continues, he most likely helped win a championship for Kentucky.

Pirates of Seton Hall

Ordinary fans might consider the idea of ​​Seton Hall to win the title as odd, but that’s why they’re casual fans. Last season, the Pirates were ranked 8th at one point and finished 15th.

According to KenPom, Seton Hall was ranked 20th in terms of amplitude-modulated effectiveness for the season. But let’s not joke ourselves, the real reason Seton Hall has a chance to cut the net is senior guard Myles Powell.

The Naismith finalist averaged 21 points per game last season and shows he can play against the best of opponents (37 points against Michigan). While they certainly aren’t the favorites to win them all, it’s not crazy to think that Powell could have run on the same track as Kemba Walker and took Seton Hall to the championship.