The return of an NCAA basketball player after a horrific accident (Part 2)

Ending the match with the victory of 85-62 for Josh Speidel’s team, the final year student shared a very funny story about the situation he was supported by teammates and players Albany.

Josh Speidel

The exceptional basketball player and his extraordinary journey back after a horrific accident that seemed to take away everything. Josh is very happy to officially get a score in a match at NCAA.

Join Josh Speidel on the big day with his parents, who fought with Josh for his life in a car accident that year. Sharing with the media after the game, Lisa Speidel said that she is very happy to see her son on the field today.

Before the accident, Josh Speidel was a prominent student player, he scored an average of more than 28 points per game in the color shirt of Columbus High School, Indiana, USA. But the terrible car accident has caused the young man almost lost his life.

Josh Speidel has been in a coma for five weeks, and doctors have told Josh’s parents that he will most likely live in a vegetative state and need care for the rest of his life.

Although it is very unfortunate for Josh’s unfinished dream for the career of the orange ball, but also really admires him for having overcome the arduous 5-year hard journey.

From the first day Josh could sit up in bed and hug his mother to this day. It is an endless distance and hard to describe. However, the hard efforts with beliefs of both Josh and his parents have brought incredible results at the present time.

Not only does he have the first score in a college football career at a tough tournament level like the NCAA, Josh Speidel also graduated from college and is ready to step out of society. Josh Speidel’s journey has inspired many people, to help those who are struggling in life to have more faith to fight.